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With partners  in Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, Barquisimeto, Lima, Mexico City, Santo Domingo, and Medellin.

Websites & Progressive Apps

The most modern websites and Apps including the 2023 Progressive Web Applications.

Social Media Marketing

We specialize not only on Facebook or Instagram, we work with more that 180 Social Networks and Directories.

Content Managment

Blog, News, and other different online content media, our content service will attract brand new leads to your company.


At Ijenso our main goal is we are looking for perfection. For many years we dedicated to improving our system and processes in order to deliver the best result on social media, digital marketing, printing, and promotional products. We welcome you to our website.
Jenease Sorondo

Company Logo & Professional Design

We specialize in company logo design and have experience working with a variety of clients in a range of industries. Any logo design services include the identity manual

Brand Identity Design Services

Your Brand is the core of your Business. No matter if you are a sole trader or a multinational company, it is a critical factor to get right to be successful.

Web Design

Friendly, responsive, useful, and Good design is based on thorough research and yields tangible results. Web design that delights your visitors to digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your business, we design with style and substance.

Content Management

Content marketing is not selling, it’s Engaging with your audience to attract customers, is one of the basics for inbound marketing to raise brand awareness & influence behavior.

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About Us

With a great experience in sales, marketing, and customer services we work on each project as our own and treat each client as a family, because, We’re a small business too and we understand the need to balance cost with benefit, and We believe that most small businesses can be well served with a Great custom Digital Marketing Services that doesn’t break the bank.

We uncover the brilliancy of each client through research, strategic planning, creative design and we find their value, their voice, and their vision; Then, we tailor strategy, branding, and messaging to be as distinctive and brilliant as they are, serving them as a complete resource in one place IJenSo